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Rock Climbing 5 Exciting Programs


Seminar Benefits


High / Low Ropes

Paint Ball

Rock Climbing

Team Initiatives


  • Team Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Stress Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership Training

  • Personal Achievement



To get your employees on the right "track" you might choose a Go-Karting seminar or any of our other action packed business seminar programs.  Our programs are designed to be totally opposite to the conventional corporate seminar methods of someone standing in front of your employees and lecturing.  Most seminar companies employ this non participatory method, and most employees have already heard the "pep talks" and have actually grown an immunity to them.  Lets face it, as the decision making person you also have heard the standard methods time and time again and have probably built the same immunity to the standard lecture package.  Our action packed  seminars totally involve your group in a challenge unrelated to business but the participants have no choice but to apply the same skills needed to be a "winner" in business in order to win the selected sporting event. then throws some twists into the competition by changing the goals of an individual winning to a situation where the group competes against the clock in a "TEAM" effort.  The net result is a clear understanding by all who attend that the team effort yields much more positive results than all individuals competing against each other.

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